Empire in Progress

Empire in Progress: Chapter 1- Reborn

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“Ah Wei since you say that the fighting strength of Germany so strong, then why did they fail huh is it not because the United Kingdom and France came into play  and they couldn’t conquer the North fast enough ”

“Yeah, we all know that you are a German military fans,  but you do give us the good youth of our country the chance to , huh whats thaat.”

Lin Wei turned, but did not get to see the commotion since right then a speeding car swerved of the pavement and hit him over,  !

Lin Wei saw himself fly up, then darkness surrounded him.


In 1906, Alfred Krupp was born in the cradle of his family in Essen , Germany . This child was unusual from the beginning that is unusually for his age , despite this his mother, Berta Krupp still worked hard to cultivate the only heir and give him the best education for her little krupp.

In the blink of an eye eight years passed, Lin Wei had adjusted to where he was now in the end, he sat in the middle of the bedroom chair  and began to meditate, “Little krupp, dinner is ready come down” the voice of his mother voice came from the hall downstairs.

“I know mother,” Lin Wei said descending down for dinner .


“My little krupp, what are you thinking about do tell mother.”

“Mother, I have two things I want to do. The first one I want to do is to  change my name, I have thought of new one , I will be called Frank Lampard Krupp. Mother,” Lin Wei said seriously.

“Why do you want to change your name little krupp?” Berta asked with a puzzled look at her son.

“Mom, I have 8 years old, not a child,  said Lin Wei dissatisfied with her tone . ” Plus the name of Frank is more manly than Alfred.”

“Well, little Krupp, if you insist, mother is not against” Berta helplessly said.

“Mom, I have to go to Berlin’s juvenile military school to learn ”  said Lin Wei once again shocking his mother.

“What, you want to go to Berlin, no, that is too far.”refused his mother.

“Mother” whined Lin Wei.

“Well, little Krupp, let me see how you persuade me,” sighed his mother.

“Mother, do you think the German military is now enough to beat Britain and France?”

What, Berta was shocked looking at her son , she did not understand why this only 8-year-old child would reply with such an answer.

“I think that once the war starts, if we don’t quickly win, then the geographical location of Germany will be our downfall.”

“Who told you such a thing” Berta & Krupp looked calmly asked.

“No one, that’s what I think.”

“Do not you go out and say that okay ?” she said seriously.

” I know this mother,” Lin Wei respectfully said. “I want to go back to the bedroom, mother.”

“You want to go to Berlin, I agree.” the voice of Berta Krupp came  from far.

“Thanks mother”.


In March 1914, Lin Wei entered studies at the Berlin Military Academy

“Crick’s (housekeeper) stop the car,” Lin Wei said

“What are you doing? Master” Crick’s  the steward said respectfully.

“Uncle Crick, do you really think that if a war began  Germany could quickly beat Britain and France,  and  obtain European hegemony?”

“Of course the young master, since  the  beginning of  great German empire in 1864 , Germany has launched many unified wars, plus  Germany’s never failed, right, young master” Crick said passionately.

“Unfortunately, you do not know that the two world wars have failed in Germany.” Lin Wei said secretly in my heart.

“Well, Uncle Crick, lets not talk  about this problem, talk to me about Berlin, I would like to know about the capital of our empire.” “Okay young master, I will tell you the details of our capital.”

“Berlin is a very ancient city, which was originally a swamp in the northeastern part of the Elbe, with two settlements of the tribe of the Salv, named Berlin and Cohen, until the twelfth century, when the Germans were deported .

In 1307, Berlin and Cohen merged into one city, under the name of Berlin, under the rule of the Asca family  it became an important business centre. In the 14th century, Berlin joined the Baltic and Nordic business alliance – Hanseatic League. But at this time Berlin was just a barbarous town of the Holy Roman Empire.

In 1411, from the southwestern region of Germany Hohen Soren,  Frederick as the border governor, put down the war in the region, and  it become the Fortress of Fortune . From 1415 onward, Berlin became the capital of the Fortress of Brandenburg. From 1640 to 1688, Frederick William I (the elected emperor)  created  cultural and artistic prosperity in Berlin, the construction of the palace, armory, church and Potsdam palace happend under his rule.

Berlin was occupied by the Austrian and Russian armies during the seven-year war and was occupied by the French army in 1806. Although the city was not seriously damaged.

From the beginning of the 19th century, Berlin once again large-scale expansion. The architects of Long Hans and Shen Kerr built many neoclassical commemorative buildings such as the National Theater, the Ancient Museum, the National Gallery, the Brandenburg Gate, the Tilice Tree Understaff, and the Museum of the Museum of the Museum of the Museum: Old Museum , The new museum, the National Gallery, the Pagamon Museum, the Friedrichs Emperor Museum. Berlin has won the title of “Athens on the River Sipre”.

On the other hand, Prussia Royal Garden Director Linnai made an excellent plan for the urban greening of Berlin, built a large-scale urban green belt centred on the Berlin Zoo, built by the linden tree and Charlottenburg Street Berlin “east-west axis”, connecting the eastern part of Berlin government and western commercial and garden areas.

“Well, young master I think you now want to fly to Berlin , right?”

“Uncle Crick, your knowledge is really rich ah”

“Well, young master, we should leave”

“The lady asked you to go to Berlin and visit Mr. Paul von Hindenburg.”

“Oh, does the family and the family of Hindenburg have a deal?” Lin Wei said with puzzled words.

“Yes, the family hopes that this time when you go to Berlin  you  have a better learning environment, General Hindenburg participated in the Puao war and the Franco-Prussian War, is an experienced generals, so the family hope you can visit him”

“Well Crick Uncle, I think I know how to do it,” Lin Wei said.

“How long to Berlin”

“About two hours away, young master.” The faithful cliff steward came again.

“Uncle Crick, I have to sleep for a while, when we are near Berlin, remember to wake me” Lin Wei finished  and began to sleep.


Soak … … countless cannons sounded, kill … … for  Germany … … Germany, Germany, above all else,

Higher than all things in the world;

At any time, in order to protect and defend,

The brothers are standing together forever.

From Mas to Moore,

From Ece to Belt,

Germany, Germany, above all else


“Master, wake up its Berlin, young master wake up.”

The sound of Crick’s  the housekeeper came from outside the carriage.

“Uncle Crick, I’ve woken up,” Lin said.

“Good, young master, you first wake up, I’ll take you to the Berlin Military Academy, but the young master, your age is too small, your grades might be only on the low side.”

“Uncle Crick, that is a problem for me to worry about . “Lin Wei’s voice rang out .

“Well, young master, we have arrived, now you can go in the” Crick steward said.

“Uncle Crick, your not going to come with me?” Lin Wei puzzled.

“No, the military academy will not let non-military personnel go in, these are the rules, no exception.”

“Uncle Crick, you have something to say?

“I don’t know what to say, young master you are the only heir of the Krupp family, as a Juncker, you will face a variety of difficult challenges , I would advise you not to rely on others to look after you, and it ‘s bad for your future.” said Cricks looking solemn.

“Is that so? Uncle Crick, I’ll remember it what you’ve said ” said Lin Wei.

After saying this Lin Wei entered the Berlin Military Academy.

“Young master, I hope you really remember, Crick said secretly.

Lin Wei mind at this time was also thinking of Uncle Crick ” How do you know what I was thinking?”

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